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Holocaust Survivor Program

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Holocaust Survivor Program

Holocaust survivors are a testament to human resilience, having braved one of the darkest periods of our history. Now, many of them, predominantly over the age of 80, confront complex physical, mental, and emotional challenges, such as:

It’s noteworthy that a significant proportion of these survivors are women. They often had higher survival rates during the Holocaust, attributed to factors like being assigned to labor camps or going into hiding.

At I & Y Senior Care, we offer dedicated care services to these remarkable individuals, ensuring they receive the comfort, respect, and honor they deserve.

Our Specialized Care Services Include:

  • Offering compassionate companionship and an empathetic ear.
  • Engaging them in activities that bolster mental wellness and social interaction.
  • Aiding in preserving, sharing, and celebrating their unique stories, memories, and cultural legacies.
  • Utilizing reminiscence therapy to foster healing and emotional bonding.
  • Our caregivers are trained in trauma-aware techniques, enabling them to identify and respond to potential triggers and sensitivities.
  • Ensuring a nurturing and empathetic environment that respects and upholds the autonomy of the individual.
  • Engaging survivors in therapeutic endeavors, whether it be art therapy, music therapy, or reminiscence sessions.
  • Encouraging their involvement in survivor support groups, organizations, or tailored educational programs.
  • Teaming up with healthcare experts to address intricate physical and mental health requirements.
  • Facilitating medical appointments, overseeing medication schedules, and coordinating comprehensive care plans.

Core Program Elements: