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24-Hour Home Care

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24-Hour Home Care

At I & Y Senior Care, we understand that certain situations and health conditions require more than just occasional check-ins or daily visits. Our 24-Hour Home Care service is tailored to provide continuous, round-the-clock care, ensuring our clients have the support, safety, and companionship they need, any hour of the day or night.

Service Breakdown:

  1. Continuous Monitoring: With 24-hour care, we ensure that clients are never alone, especially crucial for those with medical conditions that require regular observation or immediate intervention. This offers peace of mind to families, knowing their loved ones are always in attentive hands.

  2. Immediate Response: Situations can arise unexpectedly – from a sudden health concern to a middle-of-the-night fall. Having a caregiver present 24/7 ensures immediate response to any emergencies or needs.

  3. Assistance with Daily Activities: Throughout the day and night, our caregivers assist with a myriad of tasks including personal hygiene, medication reminders, mobility assistance, and any other daily routines, ensuring consistency in care.

  4. Companionship: Loneliness can strike at any hour. Our caregivers are not just health aides but also companions, offering a listening ear, engaging in conversations, or simply being there for a quiet moment of companionship.

24-Hour Home Care

Service Breakdown

Comprehensive Service Breakdown Continued:

  1. Night-Time Assistance: Many seniors often require assistance at night, whether it’s help going to the restroom, addressing nocturnal discomfort, or just needing reassurance during a restless moment. Our caregivers are alert and ready to assist, ensuring clients have a restful sleep.

  2. Nutritional Needs: Round-the-clock care also means ensuring that clients receive timely meals, snacks, and hydration, be it breakfast at dawn or a light snack at midnight.

  3. Customized Care Plans: Recognizing the individual nature of care, each 24-hour care plan is tailored to the client’s specific needs, health conditions, and preferences, ensuring a personalized care experience.

  4. Flexibility & Transition: Life’s unpredictability may necessitate changes in the care routine. With 24-hour care, transitions, whether related to post-hospital care or changing health dynamics, are smoother with a caregiver always present.

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24-Hour Home Care


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Read about our wonderful 24-Hour Home Care and how they can better assist you and your loves ones.


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After you are approved, I & Y Senior Care will help choose a perfect caretaker to take care of your loved ones.