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Pediatrics Program

Join I & Y Senior Care's

Pediatrics Program

At I & Y Senior Care, our focus extends beyond the child with medical needs to encompass parents and siblings as well, ensuring everyone feels nurtured and supported, mirroring the warmth of a close-knit family during testing times.

I & Y Senior Care is committed to meticulous care planning, coordination, and guidance for all your child's healthcare requirements. We take great care in pairing your child with a highly-skilled and empathetic Home Health Aide that resonates well with your family's unique dynamics. Our dedicated staff remains continually accessible, guaranteeing that every query is addressed, every need is met, and every concern is alleviated.


I & Y Senior Care believes that

Children deserve the opportunity to grow up in the comfort of their own homes.

Give your child every opportunity to succeed

I & Y has a dedicated Pediatric Program!

Our staff is highly trained to support you and your child

Join the I & Y Senior Care Pediatric Program and let's pave a brighter, supported path for your child's future, together.