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Registered Nurses

At I & Y Senior Care, our Registered Nurses (RNs)  deliver not just medical interventions, but also a sense of trust, comfort, and understanding. Their presence transcends the boundaries of traditional nursing, offering patients a unique blend of professional medical care harmoniously intertwined with personal attention and empathy. In the embrace of our RNs' care, our clients find both healing and a heartfelt connection.

Service Overview:

  1. Clinical Assessments: At the outset, our RNs conduct comprehensive health assessments, understanding the specific needs, medical history, and any concerns the patient might have. These evaluations form the cornerstone of the personalized care plans developed for each client.

  2. Medication Administration: One of the pivotal roles of our RNs is the precise administration of medications, be it oral, intravenous, or otherwise. They ensure that dosages are accurate, timely, and in accordance with the physician’s directives.

  3. Wound Care & Management: For patients with wounds, ulcers, or post-surgical incisions, our RNs offer expert wound care, reducing the risk of infections and promoting faster healing.

  4. Chronic Disease Management: Patients with chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, or cardiovascular ailments require consistent monitoring and care. Our RNs provide tailored interventions, education, and support, helping patients manage and even improve their health outcomes.

Registered Nurses

Benefits Continued

  1. Post-Hospitalization Care: Transitioning from a hospital to home can be challenging. Our RNs bridge this gap, ensuring that the recovery continues seamlessly, reducing the risk of readmission.

  2. Health Education: Knowledge empowers. Our RNs take the time to educate patients and their families about their health conditions, medications, and any necessary lifestyle modifications, fostering a sense of control and confidence.

  3. Coordination with Healthcare Professionals: An integral part of our RNs’ role is liaising with other healthcare professionals involved in the patient’s care. Whether communicating with doctors about progress or updating therapists on specific needs, they ensure a cohesive approach to health management.

  4. Emergency Response: Equipped to handle emergencies, our RNs are trained to provide immediate care in critical situations and liaise with emergency services if required.

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